SUN. OCT. 20, 2013 – 3:00 PM

Directed by Christian Ditter

When will little Wickie finally become a real Viking? This question is giving his father Halvar sleepless nights. But when Sven the Terrible kidnaps the chief of Flake, Wickie unexpectedly gets his big chance. As deputy chief, he leads the Mighty Vikings Tjure, Snorre, Urobe, Gorm, Ulme and Faxe, thereby attracting the help of the fearless Svenja. They set sail for the Cape of Fear and, after a whirlwind of adventures, reach Sven’s castle where Halvar is incarcerated. However, the greatest task still awaits the Viking troupe. They set off over raging oceans, tropical beaches and dangerous icy wastelands in pursuit of the legendary treasure of the Gods, pitting themselves against an equally determined Sven the Terrible – but Wickie wouldn’t be Wickie if he hadn’t a few tricks up his sleeve to prevent Sven getting there first.

Awards Bavaria Film Prize 2011 Best Children’s Film, Audience Award BUSTER Copenhagen 2012, European 3D Film Award (Best 3D Feature & Best 3D Stereography) Liege 2012, Best 3D Feature Lódz 2013, Audience Award Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival 2014