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Director: Margarethe von Trotta
Cast: Jutta Lampe, Barbara Sukowa, Rüdiger Vogler

The screenplay is a fictionalized account of the true lives of Christiane and Gudrun Ensslin. Gudrun, a member of The Red Army Faction, was found dead in her prison cell in Stammheim in 1977.

Two sisters both fight for women’s rights. Juliane is a journalist and Marianne a terrorist. When Marianne is jailed, Juliane feels obligated to help her despite their differing views on how to live.

“Marianne & Juliane” was von Trotta’s third film and solidified her position as a director of the New German Cinema.It also marked the first time that von Trotta worked with Barbara Sukowa. They would go on to work on many more films together, their latest was “The misplaced world” (2015).

The film won a total of 13 awards, for example:
German Film Awards 1982 – Outstanding Feature Film (Bester Spielfilm), Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Beste darstellerische Leistung – Weibliche Hauptrolle)
Barbara Sukowa ,


Margarethe von Trotta (born 1942 in Berlin) ranks among the most important female directors in German cinema and has been called “the world’s leading feminist filmmaker.” She also made a name for herself as an actress, starring in films by well-known German directors such as Fassbinder and Schlöndorff. Her films are concerned with relationships between and among women (sisters, best friends), as well as with relationships between women and men, often in political settings. Her best-known films include: “The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum” (1975, co-directed with Volker Schlöndorff), “The Second Awakening of Christa Klages” (1977), “Marianne and Juliane” (“Die Bleierne Zeit”, 1981), “Rosa Luxemburg” (1985), and “Hannah Arendt” (2012). She is currently working on a documentary about Ingmar Bergman, taking a closer look at his life and exploring his film legacy with Bergman’s closest collaborators.

Barbara Sukowa (born 1950 in Bremen) studied acting at Berlin’s Max-Reinhardt-Seminar. Sukowa made her breakthrough in the role of Mieze in Fassbinder’s TV adaptation of “Berlin Alexanderplatz”. She then played the title role of the small town prostitute “Lola”, part of Fassbinder’s trilogy about the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany. Sukowa starred working with Margarethe von Trotta on “Marianne and Julianne”, for which she received the German Film Award in 1982. She won the Golden Palm at Cannes 1986 for her performance in von Trotta’s “Rosa Luxemburg”. In the following years, she starred in Schlöndorff’s adaptation of Max Frisch’s novel “Homo Faber” and in Lars von Trier’s “Europa”. After several US productions Sukowa returned to Germany for a couple of movies. In 2015, she reunited with von Trotta for the family drama “The Misplaced World”, and joined the cast of the US Sci-Fi series “Twelve Monkeys” that shoots in Toronto. She next starred opposite Josef Hader in “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe”, directed by Maria Schrader. Her portrayal of Zweig’s first wife garnered Sukowa a German Film award nomination for Best Supporting Female Actor.