In our Monthly Film Series, we will show a variety of GERMAN or GERMAN language films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, audiences will now have a chance to see these films on a regular basis at the CLINTON STREET THEATER. (Children movies will be playing on Sunday afternoons – please check our website.) All films are with English subtitles.

WED. APRIL 13, 2016 – 7:00 PM

Director: Max Färberböck

Cast: Nina Hoss, Evgeniy Sidikhin, Irm Hermann

A true story, based on the controversial international bestseller by Anonyma published in more than 20 countries, and directed by Max Färberböck (Golden Globe nominee AIMÉE & JAGUAR).  Set in 1945 during the Red Army invasion of Berlin. German women are victims of rape and devastation; one of them is Anonyma (NINA HOSS), a former journalist and photographer. In her desperate quest for survival, she decides to look for an officer who can protect her.  She meets Andrej (EVGENY SIDIKHIN), a Russian officer with whom she develops a complex relationship that forces them to remain enemies until the bitter end.